In Amritsar, the food and service industry today are at an all-time high. The restaurant business seems like the newest hot trend. There is a rapid growth in the number of restaurants that are coming up around us. Every restaurant around is trying to attract more customers. In the real sense, the food game is not just about attracting the customers but to keep them coming back for more!

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Let’s look at some strategies that attract and keep the customers coming back.

Good food, great service- Nothing replaces great food. No amount of fancy restaurant strategies can beat that. It’s that simple! Being consistent pays well in the restaurant business. We are loyal to places that give us our favorite taste every time. Greatest example would be your favorite chicken corner in Amritsar, that keeps pulling you back for that ultimate taste.


Know your customers- If you recognize your customers, make the effort to acknowledge them as it makes them feel important. This gesture impresses the returning customers and they become loyal. Keeping their favorites in mind makes people feel special and wanted. These minute details do wonders in retaining customers.

Ask for feedback- The image is everything is restaurant business. Happy customers create good publicity. However, if you did not make a happy customer today, they will not come back. So, it’s a great idea to get customer feedback about all aspects of the restaurant before they leave. Starting with taste, hygiene, service etc. This helps in tackling the problem right away. If you can address a dissatisfied guest’s issue and make them happy, there is a fair chance that your restaurant will be their favorite restaurant in the city.

Keep in touch with them- If you regularly handout feedback forms, you will have your customers’ contact details like their phone numbers and email addresses. Regularly float messages of your weekly specials and festive menus and stay in touch with them. Create a database of birthdays and anniversaries and send soft feelers to them to make reservations for special freebies etc.

Reward their loyalty- Your regulars are your most valuable asset, and it hardly takes much to make them regular. Handout discount cards, or an on the house dessert on their special occasions. If they bring their friends, make a drink on the house or an extra bread basket. This can help you in increasing your customer base and generate positive publicity.


Online presence- Currently, there is no escaping the social media. Hence, it is imperative to have an online presence. Get on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. and post pictures of your Special of the Week or of the local celebrities who dropped by your restaurant today. Upload pictures and tag your customers on your Facebook page. This way you can create an image in the customer’s mind and have them come back to you every now and then.

Keep these little things in mind and you can become the best restaurant in Amritsar.


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